Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom 2D | A Regular Watch in India

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Anyway, Jurassic World became this year’s biggest second opening in case of box office collection. In India 3D version will not be released due to Exhibitor’s conditions, Indian exhibitors need 50% of the revenue from the 3D glasses as well.

At last in conclusion, both the movie producers and Indian exhibitors decided to release the movie in the 2D format in India. Such a sad situation for movie buffs.

The movie will feel like a repetition of Jurassic World series. Because there is nothing special about the movie. If it would have been better with 3 dimensions, unfortunately, it’s not.

So what should we expect, some action sequences, quality visual effects and great art and that’s it. The actors tried their best. But because of the storytelling which we have experiences in many such movies, it is not a must watch I said.

Watch if you want some time pass and go for the movie for sure if you are a newbie to Jurassic Series.

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