Movies You Must Watch This Christmas & New Year Season

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Hey movie folks, day by day the media and contents are changing, there is the evolution of Netflix, Amazon Prime, and all the media firms started their own paid platform and took the media business to a new level.

But we know theatre experience is always ahead of all these new innovations, instead of watching the movie with family members or close friends. In theatre its something like a public event or like a party house.

Everyone enjoys their fav star songs or experience the VFX and 3D effects in the large screen with the live audience.

This Christmas season here are the top 4 movies which you can’t miss out.


“This movie was something different, the story was hard-hitting and all the characters have done their job beautifully, especially the lead actor Yash, the guy will go far. Visuals were amazing and accurate, according to the demand of the script with a tight screenplay and strong dialogues that will just shake you to the core. If you want to watch a movie on the holidays with your friends and family, watch this and you will get your money worth. I won’t recommend ‘Zero’ movie at all cause that was just a waste of time and money, so better go for KGF”.


“Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse adapts the ultimate comics storyline as well as the Spider-Verse storyline. What makes this film special is not just the spectacular animation or the amazing action sequences or the sensational writing, but also the fact that it doesn’t shy away from making bold decisions like the comic book. It stayed true to the spirit of the original source and that’s why it worked. It’s having a piece of great music as well which is to be mentioned as the best thing”.


The movie trailer and first looks show its not everyone’s movie, but yes the movie is getting more attention.

FirstPost Review (Mention as critics review):- “The word `adequate` is probably the word that describes Aquaman best. The film checks all the boxes, builds the character, sets up a sequel and all the other yadas. The trippy soundtrack and visuals make it a big screen watch, but mainly for fans of the genre”.


“The story is weak, you’ll love the VFX. Message in the movie is good. Good work by Akshay Kumar. Rajni sir handled the characters very well! The movie gets interesting because of special effects and new level frames and sequences”