The 5 Hollywood movies of 2018 you cannot missout

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In the just-ended year, we have witnessed a high scale of new extraordinary releases in the field of film in the specific genre of action, comedy, horror and science fiction movies which were received with a lot of love. Just to mention top five movies of 2018 release that you don’t want to miss watching in this long eclectic list;


This 136 minutes movie is basically themed on romance, music, and drama. The storyline being a talented musician helps a young upcoming singer to find popularity, though age and his peculiar bad habit of alcoholism makes a downward spiral in his own career.


It was released on February 16 th by Ryan Coogler as the Director of the movie. Coogler deft in balancing high technology spy gadgetry, fantasy action mayhem, and subversive politics. His take on a superhero-Dom is both appealing and pleasing. The chief ideology is based on the conflict between the new King T’Challa and the American Revolutionary Killmonger has been witnessed in the pages of historical books and it has never been heart throbbing and eye-popping the way Black Panther has made it.



It was released in September 14 th with its director as Panos Cosmatos. This midnight movie features Nicholas Cage guzzling booze directly from a bottle, lighting a cigar with a flaming severed head and even snorting coke off a shard of broken glass. The movie is basically mythical madness marred with mayhem, torture and shadowy supernatural powers among other euphorically insane sights. I am sure will like it and some of you will even watch it more than once.


Roxanne Roxanne

This movie was released in March 23rd. This movie narrates a story of a traditional Musician biopic, from grass to grace at the beginning of the movie then fall from grace to grass at the end of the movie. The main actor who is called Roxanne Shante rise to fame in the 1980s has it has been depicted in the movie with a lot of humor and wit. Try this movie you will like it.


It’s release date being on November 16th, with its director as Steve McQueen. The storyline is about the rotten moral life of Chicago where innocent lives are being suspended by gun fires, planned heist, and looting of public resources among many other deviant behaviors. You will meet funny characters like Collin Farrell alderman candidate who is motivated by pride. I don’t want to give you the whole synopsis, just try watching and I am sure you will not be willing to leave that.