What Diet Plan Bollywood Celebrities Follow to Keep Them Healthy

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Who wouldn’t want to look like a celebrity? Well, everyone would feel proud if he/she gets a compliment to look like some famous personality. It is, however, easy to wish to have a body like a superstar, but it isn’t a piece of cake, and it needs tight dieting and exercising habits. Let us tell you what diet plan these Bollywood celebrities follow to keep them healthy and active. Take it as an inspiration, and try to learn from their routine.


  • Salman Khan

    Salman Khan Fitness


Salman Khan is the leading Fitness Guru for all the newcomers, and people want to know his diet to follow his footsteps. Well, Khan likes to consume proteins in the form of chicken, fish, and egg whites. He loves eating salads and pulses, and he completely removed sugar and processed food from his life.


  • Sonakshi Sinha


When Sonakshi entered the industry, she had to lose 30 kg for her role in Dabangg. She started drinking lots of water to lose weight. Moreover, she added lean protein to her diet by having one raw fruit and vegetable. She had avoided fast food and started consuming a balanced diet of meat, fruits, and vegetables.


  • Parineeti Chopra

    Parineethi Workout


Did you see Parineeti’s pictures from the past? If not, then Google it, and you can compare her mind-blowing transformation of weight loss. She worked hard to get a size-zero body, and she sacrificed her fast food diet including pizza, burgers, and pasta. Now, she relies on adequate breakfast that consists of Brown bread, two eggs, and a glass of milk. She prefers oil-free and balanced food for lunch and dinner with more green vegetables and brown rice.  


  • Sonam Kapoor

    Sonam Kapoor Fitness


Sonam had also lost weight for his Bollywood debut. She consumes five small meals a day by having low-carbs and high-protein food. One more thing that Sonam consumes is different kinds of drinks, and water is a priority, of course.


  • Akshay Kumar


Akshay is the ultimate fitness Guru in Bollywood because he loves to keep him healthy and fit. Unlike his playboy image in the movies, he refrains himself from alcohol, cigarettes, etc. Akshay consumes six meals a day that consists of a proportionate mix of proteins, fats, and carbs. His breakfast is always weighty, but he loves to take a light dinner.


  • Aamir Khan

    Aamir Khan Diet


No doubt Aamir is a versatile actor, and in reality, he is a perfectionist, but do you know how much hard work he has to do to get the desired shape. His diet is not a secret to anyone as he prefers to eat a combination of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, and loves to drink lots of water. Aamir also includes the lemon water in his diet to detox his body from dirt. He consumes oil-free food five to six times a day including tortillas made out of three-grain wheat (Atta, Jowar, and Bajra).


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